Document Clearing & Translation Services

Are You Tired Of The Paperwork?
Let Best Business Bureau pick up the slack for you. While setting up a business in the UAE is simple, the amount of paperwork can be overwhelming. We provide document clearance services related to all government entities in Dubai. For example, licensing for all Dubai-based businesses have to be obtained from the Dubai Economic Department (DED).
Similarly, you’ll need clearance from many other departments of the government to start your venture legally. Our team can assist you with all your document clearance requirements because we have spent years communicating with the authorities and we can ensure a smooth conduct of business.
Get Your Documents Translated By Experts
If you’re planning to set up a business in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, you must know that all paperwork in the country has to be submitted in Arabic. If you aren’t a native speaker and do not possess expertise in Arabic, there are high chances of miscommunication that may cause trouble for your business in the future.
Don’t take the chance. Our expert translators provide legal translation services from English to Arabic and Arabic to English. They will check the content, analyse the anomalies and translate the text as required. You can rely on our experts to proofread every little detail before your documents are submitted to the authorities.
Don’t let your business be lost in translation!
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