5 Reasons to set up a new business in Dubai in 2019

5 Reasons to set up a new business in Dubai in 2019

Dubai, the gateway to the world. Where east meets west. A glorious mix of tradition and modernity, of business and entertainment. A truly global city with people of all nationalities of the world living harmoniously. A thriving metropolis that serves as the hottest transit hub for international travelers. A shopper’s delight. If one were to pen a list of Dubai’s top attractions, the list would go on and on. But is Dubai the right place for you to setup your new business? Absolutely! Want to know why? Read on…

#1 Consistently ranked among the Top 5 global centres for trade, logistics, tourism and finance. When you setup your business in Dubai, you are stepping into a business eco-system that is already tuned to deliver world class products and services. So you can leverage the existing advantages of infrastructure, technology and government support to speed up your time to market.

#2 Easy access to thriving global markets of the East and West. Dubai’s geographical position gives it a key strategic advantage. Easy access for goods and people movement by road, air or sea. You can reach your markets in Europe, Asia and the rest of the world at lightning speed.

#3 Any foreign national can directly setup business in Dubai. This means a foreign national does not have to compulsorily find a local business partner. In Dubai, business ventures have the option of basing their firm in free zones or in the mainland. Free zones are meant to promote ease of doing business with simpler administrative procedures and easy import/export processes. Here you don’t need a local partner at all. While in the mainland, you would need a local agent to oversee your setup formalities and liaising with the government. In either case, foreign players can have the freedom to run their companies with full autonomy.

#4 World class manufacturing, warehousing infrastructure and skilled labour at your finger tip. The administration offers easy licensing for setting up manufacturing facilities and distribution networks. The labour market is open and dynamic. Employers can easily source skilled and efficient workforce for their organization. Operating efficiency for companies is very high due to these favourable conditions.

#5 No tax liability, your profits are your own. The UAE government is committed to encourage business activity, and the biggest incentive that the government offers business houses is the tax free business atmosphere. No personal income tax, no corporate tax, tax exemptions on import and export. Thus a major component of product cost is eliminated making your products and services competitive and profitable in global markets.

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